Speed Skates


    We are a true custom shop. You design it, we will make it

  • Simply the best, simply Simmons. We believe our speed skates are the lightest,stiffest, most advanced speed skates available.

Since 1991 we have constantly moved ahead of our competition in design and innovation.

We make your boots in our shop in Florida, one at a time, the way you want them.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, our brand is our name.


Stock boots with color options.

  • They are handmade to order from a common foot shape (last) of your size. Size chart below
  • We recommend you send a foot tracing by mail and we will match a last to your foot tracing. the last is what we build your boot from.
  • When doing a foot tracing, hold a normal size pen or pencil straight up and down and trace around both feet.
  • For youth boots we can allow for growing room at your request
  • You choose colors and extras ( name, glitter*, etc.) to be placed on the boot.
  • The price for a stock boot ( narrow, standard, or wide ) is $950.00. short track ice is $1050.00
  • glitter extra $100.00 on stock boot ,examples and color chart below

Full custom. We cast your foot to make a mold. We then create an exact replica of your foot to make your boot from.This is an art that we have perfected. 

  • You choose the colors, style, and extras (name, glitter, etc.) to be placed on the boot.
  • The price for a full custom boot is $1600.00
  • For youth boots we can allow for growing room at your request
  • We can cast your feet at an event we attend, at our shop in Florida, or you can do the casting yourself. Call us for a casting kit (deposit required) for casting your own feet. 


Restoring  and repairing  your Simmons boot is possible!

The carbon fiber shells last a long time. If you would like to restore the outside of your boot to new again, (laces,leather,buckle,etc.) or change colors the price is $350.00

To reline inside of your boot the price is $35.00

If you have a spot that is bothering on your boot it may need a little adjustment. You can adjust the boot by heat molding the carbon fiber. If you need us to stretch your boot ( about a half size is possible ) or adjust your boot , call us, ship it to us with a detailed note indicating what needs to be done. Marking the boot as instructed in the video in addition to your notes is recommended. 



Extra hardware









19 thoughts on “Speed Skates

  1. My son age is 9 yes. ..I want inline skates for him

    1. Hey Daya,
      thats not a problem. You can get our skates in all sizes here in our online shop or you can call us.
      The phone # you can find also on our website.
      Thank you for your visit at Simmons-Racing

    2. Hey,
      thank you for contacting us.
      Please call us at 1-800-376-9907
      or write an email to : jsimmonsracing@comcast.net
      So we can assist you best.
      Thank you very much.

  2. Hi sir,
    I m from India how I get inline best suitable speed skates for my 9 yr old son. Give me contact for India

    1. Hey,
      please go to :
      there you can get all you need directly from India.
      Thank you very much

  3. Is Simmons Racing doing any events on the West Coast I skate for Piedmont Skating out of North Carolina, but I live in El Paso Texas it isn’t a hop skip away for me to get to the events. I know about the Events in January and February but work has me tied down any other events later this year are you headed to? I am very interested in investing in the Best and you are it.

    1. Hey Martin,
      we are working on our event list and will post the events asap on our website.
      Thank you

  4. hi sir,
    I doni from Indonesia, how his reservations, whether in Indonesia its existing reseller?

    1. Hi, for Indonesia you have to go to : http://www.simmonsrana.com
      Here you can order products.
      Thank you.

  5. What is the turn around time for custom boots once the casts are made? Want to possibly buy a set as a gift for Valentine’s Day?

    1. Hi Jessica,
      right now the turn around time after casting is 6-8 weeks.
      Thank you very much

  6. How can I choose package offer and how know my correct inline skating shoe size

    1. Hi,
      hera are the links :
      Rush Package : https://simmons-racing.com/product-category/rush/rush-package-deal/
      check your size : https://simmons-racing.com/how-to/
      If you have any questions please contact us.
      Thank you very much

  7. Hello I was wondering how much it would be for a pair of custom long track boots.

    1. HI,
      thanks for looking. You can see all our prices in our shop here : https://simmons-racing.com/shop/
      Thank you.

  8. do you only do inline or will you make custom boots for quads

    1. Hi Patrick, we can do also custom for quads.

  9. hello, i have a question, in Netherlands, when you take the mould for a speed skating (roller) boot, how long time you need for make everything? because i goint to travel to europe and i need new customs boot, and i will like to do in that travel, thanks

    1. Hi Mathias, please write us an email or give us a call so we can figuere something out that works for you.
      Thank you

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