SIMMONS RACING full custom cycling shoe leather upper


We cast your foot to make a mold. We then create an exact replica of your foot to make your boot from.This is an art that we have perfected. 

  • The shoe is full custom carbon fibre and leather
  • You choose the colors, style, and extras (name, glitter, etc.) to be placed on the boot.
  • The price for a full custom boot is $1250.00
  • For youth boots we can allow for growing room at your request
  • We can cast your feet at an event we attend, at our shop in Florida, or you can do the casting yourself.
  • Call us for a casting kit (deposit required) for casting your own feet. 

Please contact us for further information and appointments.


The first thing we do is to make a exact  castings of your feet. We then take that casting and make the shoe off of them. This means that every detail of your feet gets built into your shoes. You will have a perfect fit and ultimate control of your feet from the bottom to the top. This also means there are no empty  spaces inside the shoes so that when you push down and pull up there is no power loss. Every bit 100% of the power that you produce goes directly to the pedals, with no loss.

Shoes of this design & quality come in at a somewhat higher price point. The cost of our specialized production technology along with your enhanced performance possibilities make these shoes well worth the investment.  We do not compare our shoes to any other manufacturer or to their prices,  because we are not like them in any way. Our shoes are made for one purpose; Making You Faster. When you are racing you have to have the full package. On your bike everything has to be the very best. Your shoes are the first thing interface to transfers the power that you create with your body directly to your bikes mechanism.  But they are the most often overlooked element. We design based on how we think a shoe should work;  we don’t  just follow trends or copy what is out there already. So please keep  an open mind when looking at our shoes; you will need it!


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