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DR. Ankle grips your foot like a second skin and creates a barrier against rubbing and blistering on ankles and heel region. These are available in two thicknesses i.e. 1 mm and 2 mm and three sizes that are small, medium and large. You can choose the one that works best for your specific skating boot. 1mm for tight fitting skating boots as it will not change the fit. 2mm gives light cushion and fills in small gaps, and helps prevent heel lift. Wear inside of or without a sock. Features flat-lock stitching for a smooth, flat seam. Our custom bonded Neoprene and bonded Lycras have ultra-memory for comfort, durability and stretch. Washable (hand wash only) and re-useable.

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dr. ankle sizes

small Thickness : 1mm, small Thickness : 2mm, medium Thickness : 1mm, medium Thickness : 2mm, large Thickness : 1mm, large Thickness : 2mm


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